Reference Letters and Clearances

When you came for your trial day, or working interview, you should have already submitted the following items.  If not, make sure you have them ready to bring with you on your first day of work.

  • Two reference letters written by non-family members, attesting to your suitability to work with children (each letter should including the name, address, and phone number of the referring individual).

  • Signed Disclosure Statement

  • Original results of your four criminal clearances (or copies of your requests for results).

  • Mandated Reporter Training Certificate (free required training)

  • Health and Safety Training Certificate (free required training)

  • Pediatric CPR/First Aid Certification Card (inform your Director if you need to take this training).

Health Assessment Form

Visit your doctor or a local clinic for a well-check exam and bring your health assessment form with you to have it completed and signed.  Your TB Test will be injected into your forearm and you will need to return to the doctor's office to have the result read and recorded on the form.  If you already have a health assessment form (with TB Test) completed within the past 12 months, that is acceptable.  Bring your health assessment form with you on your first day.

Employment Forms

Print the following forms, complete them by hand, and bring them with you on your first day of work.

Acknowledgement of Expectations

Read our Personnel Policies Manual and Parent Handbook and make a list of questions to ask your Director when you arrive on your first day.  Print the following forms to sign and submit after you have had your questions answered.


  • Proof of Identification (original documents shown on last page of I-9 Form)

  • Written verification of education (original college diploma and official transcript)


Training Verification

  • Original diploma from highest level of education and official college transcript (if applicable).

  • Mandated Reporter Training Certificate (for free online training, click here)

  • Health and Safety Training Certificate (for online training, click here)

  • CPR/First Aid Certification Card

If you have any questions about the information above, contact your location Director.